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The Foundation and Diploma courses.

Here at Red Hot Press we are delighted and proud to offer what we believe are the finest, best value, in depth courses in Printmaking available.

The Foundation in Printmaking is a one year course that provides a sound grounding in several printmaking techniques. We also cover other print related subjects, such as tools, inks, printing papers etc. All to help you become a better printmaker.

The Diploma in Printmaking follows on from the Foundation, providing further in depth training and practice in the techniques studied on the foundation course. The Diploma course is designed to allow participants time during each technique covered, to really explore the potential of each technique.  

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We also offer a large range of general courses, as well as school visits, inset training and continuing professional development .


The Diploma in Printmaking.

This is the next level course after The Foundation in Printmaking. Students need to have completed the Foundation course to attend this course. The course will revisit and build upon some of the techniques covered on The Foundation in Printmaking and in addition will cover Woodcuts and Sugar Lift techniques within Etching.

Daytime course:

Wednesday afternoons for 30 weeks 9th September 2020 - 14th April 2021 1:30pm - 4:30pm