Red Hot Press

Red Hot Press Printmakers 2017 - Exhibitors information (Last updated 13.04.17)

Exhibition dates: Saturday 1st July - Sunday 30th July 2017

Private View date: Sunday 2nd July 2017 4pm - 6:30pm

Hanging and taking down: Exhibition participants need to hang their work on Friday 30th June 2017 and take down their work on Sunday 30th July 2017.

Exhibition Fee: £100 (non-refundable)

Exhibition Commission: You will need to add 30% to your sale price to cover the commission. (25% Hilliers 5% Red Hot Press towards administration costs)


Framed work:

Your prints should be either float mounted or window mounted and framed in wooden frames. No clip frames or plastic frames. Your frame should be sturdy enough to hang with the back of the frame well fitting. Your work should be free of dust and dirt behind the glass. Your work must be fitted with D rings a third of the way down your frame or slightly higher, this is to avoid the top of the frame from tilting too far forward on the hanging system. Your frames will need to be strung at the back of the frame for Hilliers hanging system. If work is damaged due to unsuitable fittings, we accept no liability whatsoever.

Unframed work:

Unframed prints should be mounted on to mounting or grey board to present them professionally and to protect them while being handled. You can either float mount or window mount your prints. Unframed work should be wrapped in good quality clear plastic film secured with magic tape. All unframed, wrapped prints should be clearly marked on the back with the following information;

Your Name - The title of the print - Medium - Edition size - Price


All cards need to be wrapped in plastic and clearly labelled with a code to aid the recording of sales. The code should be your initials plus a one word description or title for your card. For example Sarah's cards of a Bird (crane) will be coded SMCRANE. This code should be clearly written IN CAPITALS on the same label as the price for the card.

Card pricing:

Due to the cost of admin time for inputting sales and the relatively low cost of cards, the minimum price for your cards will need to be £2 Please price your cards in whole pounds (not for example £2.50 or £3.50)

Card Stock:

There will be a limit of 10 different designs for each exhibiting artist and all cards need to be either reproductions of original prints or original prints.

Insurance & Damage to artwork:

Your work is not covered by insurance during transit to or from the exhibition or during the exhibition. Should you require work to be insured you should contact your own contents insurer who will advise you.

Link to Artists Agreement (PDF)


How big will my space be?

Each artist will have two display boards, the hanging area is 1m x 1m on each board. You could perhaps hang a bit lower giving you a 1m x 1.5m area on each board. So this will probably be 4 - 6 pieces if your work is large. Or 8 - 10 pieces if your work is smaller.