One Day in the Summer…? Fill it with Printmaking!

We know that in the Summer time is often at a premium. So many nice places to go, holidays to be taken and gardening to be done. So for that reason we run a lot of one day courses in the Summer making it even easier to fit in some printmaking without giving up a whole precious weekend.

We are kicking things off with a One day Screen Printing course on July 13th. Take time to discover the lovely prints you can make by using paper stencils to screen print through. Sarah is teaching this one and she will show you all you need to know to produce a small edition of prints.

And at the end of the month (July 27th) Sarah is running her popular Hand Printed Bags course. This has been a christmas course before but now you can make picnic or beach bags!

On August 4th Katherine is running the Letterpress course. We always have fun on this one. It’s a creative approach to printing with wooden type and you can also have a go at setting and locking up lead type to print either on the Adana or on the Galley press. We’ve got a huge range of moveable type and it will all be at your disposal that day.

And finally as we move into the Autumn what nicer thing to do than spend the day with Jutta Manser trying your hand at Wood Engraving (21st September). jutta is a wonderful wood engraver and she will introduce you to this great technique working with artist quality materials on end-grain wood.

All the one-day courses cost £60 and you can book them by visiting You might find these courses are not listed on the website yet but they will be up there in a couple of days.

See you in the summer!


Printmaking courses – what’s coming up

We’ve been busy down at the workshop planning our courses for next year. It’s always a long job as we like to look at what has been popular and also add new things into the mix.

Then there’s the leaflet that needs laying out and proof reading… proof reading… proof reading… (luckily Sarah is a brilliant proofreader!). So when the leaflet magically appears in your local library, cafe or bookshop you can be sure that a lot of thought and work has gone into it.

We are looking forward to summer and that means we can run different types of courses. For instance we have asked the amazing Peter Jarvis ( to come and run a four week Watercolour Basics evening course. He can make use of the lighter, and hopefully dryer, evenings and get people out on a bit of location drawing and painting. That one is really not to be missed. (Wednesday evenings 10 31 July 7pm – 9pm)

Sarah is running her brilliant Photographic Etching (10 – 11 August) course again. The process also gets called Solar Plate because originally they were exposed in the sun. We are lucky enough to have a UV box so it makes the timings more exact… but the sun is still useful for sitting out and having lunch in!

Bookbinding is always a popular course. People can never get enough of turning paper and card into beautiful books. It really is magic. Katherine is running a 4 week course in July (Wednesdays 5 wks, 3 – 31 July) and a weekend that combines Printmaking with Bookbinding (19 – 20 October)

In September we have Kevin Dean back to teach a brand new course called Pattern and Print on Textiles (Thursday evenings 8 weeks, 12 September – 31 October). Kevin is going to work with you creating repeating patterns and then Sarah and Katherine will take over to print them using screen printing and relief printing onto fabric.

We have also taken the opportunity to welcome back Jutta Manser to run her wonderful wood engraving course (Saturday 21 September). If you don’t know about wood engraving take a chance to look at the Society of Wood Engravers website ( This course is a perfect introduction to the technique and Jutta will guide you expertly through the process.

We are bringing the year to an end with a lovely course in making Paper Lanterns with Sarah (Sunday 1st December). Cast aside any idea of primary school. Sarah will show you how to make beautiful lanterns using collage and papercutting techniques. They will make a sophisticated addition to any home.


so there you go – loads to look out for… We haven’t even mentioned the Etching, Linocutting, Photo Transfer or Collagraph course we have on offer.

All the courses in July – December will be on the website in the next week.

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