Centre for the Book Arts opens in London

We were really excited to see that our friend Simon Goode has opened the London Centre for Book Arts.

We first heard from Simon about 3 years ago when he was thinking about setting up some sort of Book Arts studio and was looking for any advice we might have.

(We get a lot of enquiries like this and the best advice we always give is to make sure you don’t run out of tea bags!)

So it was a fabulous surprise when I was leisurely reading the paper just after Christmas and released that the enterprising bookbinder I was reading about was Simon and he was all set up and raring to go

Based in Hackney, The London Centre for Book Arts is the UK’s first open-access educational book arts centre. They offer workshops and classes in papermaking, letterpress printing, bookbinding and book arts, as well as a membership scheme, and volunteering opportunities.

You can read the article here, it says it all and has a nice smiley picture of Simon himself!


We hope that Simon might come down to Red Hot Press at some point if we ask him nicely and spread some of the Book Arts magic.

In the meantime if you are interested in bookbinding in general why not sign up for our Books and Boxes weekend course on 27/28 April?